• Xanthate Technologies is a network of collaborating senior engineers, scientists and professionals in mineral processing, metallurgy, fertilizers & chemicals, petroleum & petrochemicals,  and environment. 
  • Our collaborators can assist industry as individuals and as a team on project to project basis.
  • Energy conservation and energy efficiency of processes are our focus areas.
  • Development of Green Chemistry Processes based on Sustainability is our aim.
  • We can provide project management services and be owner’s engineers in the entire life cycle of projects.

Mineral Processing

  • We can develop process flow sheets for various ore deposits and follow up with various ore testing laboratories.
  • Prepare pre techno economic feasibility reports for recovering mineral.
  • Carry out technical plant audit, identify bottle necks and present an action plan.
  • We can provide ‘technology management’ on site for defunct mineral processing plants. Our team of engineers will work in the plants shoulder to shoulder with the existing plant personnel to achieve the design capacity of the plants with envisaged quality of the products.
  • We can provide both trained and fresh engineers to mineral industry on deputation both for short and long term duties.
  • Develop new applications of mineral products to improve business viability. We work particularly on converting wastes into value added products.
  • Develop specialised flotation chemicals to improve process efficiency of mineral separation.


  • We can offer de-bottlenecking of Zinc and Lead smelting plants,
  • We can conduct auditing of Production plants for productivity improvements of metallurgical units.
  • We can offer services in Production and management of Beach sand minerals.
  • We can offer services in Project management of Titanium di-oxide pigment and slag.


  • We can offer Environment Advisory services for following sectors:  Mining, mineral processing, metallurgical, steel, power, chemical, petroleum refining, fertilisers,  food processing, dairy, sugar and distillery, pharmaceutical and infrastructure projects in sectors such as area development/townships, air ports, ports and rail corridors.
  • We can offer Environmental  due diligence services for green and brown field projects, estimate the environmental costs associated with a project – tangible and intangible
  • Life cycle analysis from an environmental point of view
  • We can offer conceptual and basic design for wastewater treatment, hazardous solid waste treatment and soil remediation
  • Help the industries in selection of suitable technologies in air pollution control, waste water management/recycling and hazardous/non-hazardous waste management.
  • Peer Review of EIA/EMP for EC clearance .
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